Digital Premier Membership for Individuals

A Digital Premier Membership for Individuals, especially useful to those seeking Startup & Entrepreneurship opportunities in “Digital Tech” solutions (e.g. AI, ML, Blockchain, Fintech, Healthtech, Insuretech, VR / AR, 5G, IoT, Robotics, IoT, Autonomous cars, etc). Your benefits:



  • Professional Development, Networking and Mentoring opportunities (either as a mentor or a mentee – we will set you up)
  • Learning, collaborating, and sharing experiences at webinars and business events and programs
  • Actively be part of the “cool” startup ecosystem as an investor, founder or business partner
  • Connect with other founders and get access to the Bizoforce Innovations Startup community globally
  • Building visibility and a personal brand of yourself
  • Profiling your company on the Bizoforce Innovations platform (
  • Access to the Innovation HQ Mobile platform Android & IOS
  • Get a “Cool Digital Innovator” Bizoforce Innovations badge

Become a Member today – Cost USD 500 per year.

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