Cab Booking Mobile App Solution

Project Description

Build Your Taxi Booking App:
Build your own Taxi Booking App like Uber, Ola and earn a hefty profit from your own taxi business. Be a reputable taxi industry leader in your region with customized taxi app development solutions or a white-label readymade Uber clone application primarily built by top Taxi booking app development companies over the globe.
When it comes to Taxi booking app development, a client came to us with various requirements of Taxi app development concerning the region, way of services provided, commission-based, etc. We at MartPro, have hands-on experience with different types of Cab Booking App business models such as Carpooling app, taxi aggregator businesses, or a private taxi business management app.
MartPro takes immense delight and pride in serving the technology needs of startups and established companies that have ventured into the taxi service. It is among the top few Taxi app developers with a comprehensive clientele and rich experience.
Having delivered and deployed several Taxi app development Software projects successfully, we have the requisite experience to bring your concepts related to Taxi booking app for android to the market in the shortest possible time.
Taxi Booking App Development Solutions from MartPro:
As a leading taxi booking app development company, MartPro is driven by innovation to introduce intelligence into your business processes. We create integrated mobile applications and web-based taxi-hailing solutions with a user-friendly passenger interface, effective driver control panel, fleet management solutions for administration, and a dispatch dashboard for better operational visibility.
MartPro is a perfect solution to build an on-demand online taxi booking platform. As a white label and customizable solution, it allows businesses to incorporate a wide range of features and integrations while giving them speed to market.
Passenger Application:
We create taxi booking apps that facilitate one-click cab booking, easy location pinning, real-time tracking, and a multilingual menu. With exceptional design and efficiency, our white-label taxi applications help your business reach more customers, increase engagement with easy controls, personalize traveler journeys with analytics-based driver recommendations, and allow multiple payment mediums to enhance the user’s experience.
Driver Application:
Strike a two-way relationship with your drivers through an easily managed and highly intuitive taxi booking app, like Uber. We use taxi booking software, app clones, and mobile and web applications that closely follow your target audience, service providers, and offerings. Besides including hassle-free onboarding, registration, and verification modules for cab drivers, our app developers design cab booking systems that support route assignment, optimized navigation on multiple maps, booking reminders, rider rating options, and trip details.
Fleet Management Panel:
The admin panel also records, consolidates and generates powerful analytics reports that can be used to drive growth. With this customized fleet management solution integrated into our taxi booking mobile applications, we enable businesses to expand and enhance their services through complete control over their operations.
Dispatch Dashboard:
We design online taxi booking applications with an in-built taxi dispatch software module to simplify driver assignment, ride allocation, navigation, route optimization, and passenger cars with the utmost efficiency and heightened visibility
Comprehensive White-Label Online Taxi Booking App Development Services:
Modernize your online taxi/cab service with a fully managed white-label online taxi booking app, backed by cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art development infrastructure, and the best industry practices.
App Store Submissions:
After testing your white-label taxi app against bugs, crashes, errors, and vulnerabilities, developers at MartPro scour and secure the best app store niche markets suitable for your application, understand their requirements, and tweak and submit your app to the stores.
Advance Features of Our Taxi Booking Mobile App Development
Being a top Taxi Booking App development company, MartPro delivers complete taxi booking app development services, for both mobile and web-based platforms. With immense experience in offering a wide range of online cab booking app solutions.
Real-time cab tracking:
The app uses high-precision GPS tracking to search for available cabs near the user’s location.
Passengers registration:
People looking out to commute can quickly create their login ID and start searching for cabs around their place.
Multiple cab options:
Travelers can choose the car that fits their needs. For example, they can choose the cab based on the model, cost, purpose, or the number of riders.
Cost estimator:
Travelers can obtain a fair idea about their travel expenses based on the information they have provided such as pickup date, time, location, destination, and ride type.
Driver verification:
The server maintains a comprehensive database of verified drivers. When the riders are matched with the drivers, they receive the details of the driver such as their name, vehicle license number, photo, and rating.
Benefits Of On-Demand Taxi Booking App:
The taxi booking applications are a solution to several problems like reducing the waiting time on the road, looking out for cabs under the sun, and several other things. There are several benefits one can draw from these apps. Apart from the passengers, there are several advantages for the drivers as well.
For Drivers:
The drivers have the authority of providing ratings and feedback for each passenger. Therefore, if there is a mischievous rider in their car, they can give him a rating accordingly and spare the other drivers of the horror.
There are fewer chances of wasting time, as the driver will reach the exact location and move his car only when a booking is made.
For Passengers:
The exact details of the location of the cab and the time it will take to reach them are shared by the app with the passengers. Hence, this enables them to utilize that time in something else.
One does not have to step out of the home, as the passengers can book their rides remotely.
The payment method is quite convenient, as in the case of the passengers also, they do not have to take cash around with them. They can make online payments via their debit or credit cards, or just link their digital wallets with the app.
Our Taxi Booking App Development Process:
Acquiring information:
Can you build a solution without a problem? We can’t, either. In the first step, we will ask you what your goals are, how you wish to solve the problems of your users, and what type of features you want in your taxi app.
After making any changes in the theme and finalizing the design, we start off with the development process. Our highly experienced team of taxi app developers will ensure that your app works smoothly and gives your users a great experience
Developing doesn’t end the process. We need to test the app to ensure that it doesn’t have any errors or other issues in the user flow.
How Taxi App Works?
Tap each ride option to see wait time, size, and price. Then enter your pickup location and tap request—your driver will arrive in minutes.
Your ride comes to you. You’ll see your driver’s contact information and vehicle details in the app, so you know you’re getting in the right car.
Pay and go:
Hop out and rate your driver when you reach your destination. We automatically charge the credit card on file, so you never need cash.
Why Choose MartPro For Taxi App Development Solutions?
Effective Communication:
We assign a dedicated project manager assigned to every project; he will be sharing all the updates directly.
On-Time Delivery:
You can stay assured about timely delivery; we can achieve it through our one-of-a-kind Hybrid Agile model.
We can implement everything you wish for, we can make an Uber app clone, all depending on your requirement.
Flexible Hiring Models:
We offer various distinct hiring models for you to choose from, they vary a lot, to make it work for everyone.

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