Google Research Football with Manchester City F.C.

Project Description

Manchester City F.C. and Google Research are proud to present an AI football competition using the Google Research Football Environment.

In this competition, you’ll create AI agents that can play football. Teams compete in “steps,” where agents react to a game state. Each agent in an 11 vs 11 game controls a single active player and takes actions to improve their team’s situation. As with a typical football game, you want your team to score more than the other side. You can optionally see your efforts rendered in a physics-based 3D football simulation. Additionally, this research could pave the way for a new generation of AI agents that can be trained to learn complex skills.

The Entry Deadline is November 23, 2020, and winners will be announced on December 8, 2020.

Cash prizes:
1st: $3,000
2nd: $2,000
3rd: $1,000

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