Database Design and Mobile Application Development Services Partner

Project Description

We have developed a technology with a partner and are currently looking for another supplier to assist in database design and application development. We will be issuing an RFP in the following weeks and are looking for interested suppliers. Kindly provide any historical experience specific with database design in the public cloud and application development.

General Oerview

We are currently looking for a supplier to perform the following general activities:
The proposed effort consists of five general activities:

1) Complete the setup of necessary AWS instances in order to store and access the application’s data from any of the following:

a) Secure VPN connections to upload and access the raw data

b) Web interface for data reporting

c) Mobile device access via Base Station app

2) Secure all data on the application’s Database by creating a user database with appropriate permissions and partitions to prevent access from competing customers and organizations (Data modeling required)

3) Complete Web interface to display/visualize the application’s performance and generate reports

a) Includes converting existing visualization tool and report generator to run on cloud servers.

4) Enhance existing design of the application’s Base Station app to improve the user experience, and expand functionality to accommodate iPhone and Android devices

5) Document all work for future in-house maintenance.