Education Ind. Customer Evaluating Several Technical Solutions

Project Description

The customer is looking to make several innovations in their current ecosystem, which per conversation, are incredibly outdated.

The client would first like modernize their document management and sharing system by bringing in e-signing capabilities. They are currently reliant on a manual sign & transmit process and would like to design and deploy a solution which would gradually replace the unoptimized system. Though the vendor is not decided, they are considering DocuSign.

The client is also considering replacing their legacy CRM system. The primary objective is a move to the cloud and is scheduled in the next 12 months. They have not yet decided on a vendor and would be open to considering solutions which match their requirement. They would, ideally, prefer a CRM suite which is geared towards the education industry, which can track and manage current students, manage prospective students,track interactions, etc.

The leg of their innovation strategy is security. They would like to enhance their current information security tools and techniques to meet modern day norms. They are initially considering on network security solutions before moving into and considering a larger scope. Authentication and Email security are also concerns.