Power of Passengers Challenge

Project Description

TSA is calling on innovators and citizen inventors to leverage innovative approaches and other innovations that would increase TSA’s security effectiveness and efficiency efforts and improve passenger experience. To accomplish this mission, TSA is looking for the best possible solutions from you – the crowd – to help with The Power of Passengers Challenge.

The Challenge invites innovators and citizen investors to submit responses with approaches or innovations that can re-envision how the TSA generates, interprets and uses data to improve security, efficiency, and passenger experience.

The TSA seeks to enhance following services with the solutions provided:
– Security Effectiveness
– More Efficient Options for Screening Passengers
– Improved Passenger Experience

The deadline to submit your entry is 28 Jan, 2021

To enter, you must submit an Entry through the designated Challenge Submission Page on TechConnect’s Challenge website. TechConnect’s Challenge website will provide further instructions, requirements, criteria, fillable fields, uploads and other details regarding the required Submission format. Click on the link below:

For more information, click the link below: